Pets traveling the world, one cache at a time! - The adventures of 24 My Little Pony pets! is a site where we follow 24 My Little Pony geocache pets as they meet new friends and travel on a three year vacation!

The ponies are currently on a trip to every continent on the Earth, using geocaches located all over the place -- There may even be a pony in your neighborhood right now!

If you visit the Pet Logs pages, you can see where each pony has been, where it is now, and photos of its trip so far!

If you are lucky enough to find one of the ponies, please log its location at, and upload photos of what you did with the pony here on

  • What did you feed the pony? (They like all kinds of food!)
  • Where did it sleep? (Did the pony snore?)
  • Did the pony make any new friends? (They love stuffed animals!)
  • Did the pony help you with your homework? (They're very smart!)
  • Did the pony help you with your chores? (They like to help!)
  • You get the idea!!!

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If you're not sure what geocaching is, please watch this quick 2 minute video on YouTube: What is Geocaching?

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