Pets traveling the world, one cache at a time! - Pet Logs

As we receive information about each pony - The families they meet, places they visit, etc., we will provide that information here in the Pet Logs section.

In addition, we will provide brief summaries on our GeocachePets Facebook page - So make sure you visit our page and "like" us to get all the updates as they come in from around the world!

If you have information to submit to us for inclusion in the Pet Logs, please send us a quick email to:

Note: We review each submission and we may make minor edits as needed. Please make sure that you include any photos you may have taken, so we can include them on the site (and the eBook)!

The ponies:
Apple Bloom™   |    Applejack™   |    Beachberry™   |    Coconut Cream™
Diamond Dazzle Tiara™   |    Fluttershy®   |    Gardenia-Glow™   |    Rainbow Dash®
Rarity™   |    Skywishes™   |    Sweetsong™   |    Twilight Sparkle™